In this 2nd Podcast I am talking about Trumps new EBT program which the EBT card will be replaced with Food Boxes. I also called a few people to get their different prospectives.

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2 comments on “Trumps New EBT Program… Get ready for your food box!

  1. Natasha Apr 25, 2018

    I like the idea of breaking the cycle of poverty by motivating people to take personal responsibility for their own actions and outcomes however, I do not like the food box idea. It would definitely motivate me, if my pride wasn’t already doing so, to become more in control of my own life. But, who decides what to put in these boxes? Is it based on nutrition, cost, convenience, or what? I’m not feeling the food box idea. There must be a better solution.

    • 2BOLD Apr 27, 2018

      I think it is all about control but you and I both know of all the people that have been abusing the program. What I don’t like is the fact that if you send all poor people food, how easy would it be for the government to poison them! Understand a lot of people in powerful positions look at poor people as an expense even thought they still help the economy. Something to think about…